Beckett’s Medical Plea to remove his malignant tumor


Our beloved Beckett was rescued at the height of fear of a pitbull and/or mix eight years ago. He wasn’t desirable because he was part pit bull, then he became older than what people wanted to adopt, and now he’s fighting for his life and we are begging for financial support to remove his malignant tumor that popped up.

Many of you know my fight against cancer and for the last 12 years I have been working hard to understand and find answers as to why our pets are getting cancer and how we can prevent it. It can come from contaminated waters, streams and farm areas where there are pesticides in the air, ground and water supplies, and in many cases it lies within the food itself.

Sadly, many dog food companies preyed upon loving dog owners, feeding our dogs products, we would never eat ourselves, causing the animals’ immune systems to be lowered and for cancer to thrive within their bodies. We can say with confidence, our findings show, any of the foods containing “POTATO” is one of the worst enemies for cancer to thrive!

We now feed grain free as much as possible, hard to do with 100 dog rescue, and use many products, enzymes and probiotics to prevent cancer in our dogs.  So many animals have lost their battle and their lives to this disease!  I am one of many who lost my personal dogs, Sunny boy & Riley, to cancer, so this is personal!

I have committed my life to rescuing dogs and working to END CANCER! I have access to the most knowledgeable nutritionists and top of the line medical folks, learning what we can feed our pets for cancer prevention at affordable pricing!  I always tell you to have good veterinarians on hand that won’t charge an arm and a leg when it comes down to helping your pets in need, no matter what the emergency may be.

Sadly, I am now asking you for help for Beckett. The little mole on his leg that started two years ago has now in fact turned into a malignant tumor. We must remove it as soon as possible. We have a veterinarian that is willing to do so at a discounted rate of $2,000 and we are trying to raise the funds for Becket’s medical needs and care.

If you can make any donation towards Beckett’s medical care, no donation is too small, we would be so grateful, and continue our work to stop cancer. Beckett has had a great life since he came to LBWF.  Sadly, he, never was given a forever loving home, but he’s lucky to be with us and he knows love! Any donation will help him through this difficult time. He is just one of our dogs that we can now prove, without a doubt, is now fighting for his life because of poorly designed dog foods. It’s no different than all the junk they put in human food for the last 20 years that made America sick as well. Please help us to continue our important work to find a cure for cancer!

Please feed your dogs the best food you can, no added chemicals, no potato and you must feed grain free!

Becket’s very life is counting on you!

Thanking you in advance for your support and we will find a cure for cancer!


Linda Blair

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