Best article on Linda EVER!

Linda has been featured as one of’s “Dogster Heroes”. The article highlights her dedication to saving dogs’ lives and her partnership with “Haunts Against Hunger” – a nationwide effort to organize community food drives to help those in need, people and animals alike.

Linda Blair Is an Angel to Demonized Dogs

The devil child of “Exorcist” fame started the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation, a sanctuary for homeless dogs.

Thanks to her unforgettable star turn as a possessed child in the horror-film classic The Exorcist, Linda Blair will forever be linked with scary stories. Weaker souls might have buckled under the strain of the “demon girl” image, but Blair has turned her demonic image on its satanically spinning head…

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2 thoughts on “Best article on Linda EVER!

  1. Linda Blair is to be praised and applauded for the enormous amounts of time,
    energy, and love she devotes each day to make this world a happier, healthier,
    safer, and friendlier place for ALL creatures great and small. This is the most
    important work of her life, and she is using her fame to shine a very bright light
    on animal welfare and rescue work. I personally have the utmost respect for
    everything she is doing to ease suffering, giving hope to, and raising awareness
    through her World Heart Foundation. Thank you, thank you!

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