Faux Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Green Vegetable and Salad


There are a few different faux steak products that are currently in the health food stores. Look around or ask to see which ones your health store offers.

Faux steaks (enough for the number of guests or family members)

Potatoes (enough for the amount of people you’re serving)

Soy Margarine (Earth Balance)

Sea salt


Spike (all purpose seasoning)

Bragg liquid amino acids (optional)

Silk plain flavored non-dairy creamer (plain soy is o.k. too)

Choose green vegetable: Kale, Broccoli, Spinach or other vegetable.

Hain Vegetarian (it is vegan) gravy is also available in packets. Use less water and a bit of non-dairy creamer when preparing.


I like organic red leaf lettuce and other variations but pick whatever you like.

(avoid Iceberg lettuce; it has no nutrients)



Colored bell peppers


Vinaigrette dressing

Wash and peal potatoes and remove most of the outside skin. I leave a bit of the skin on for color. Cut into several small pieces. (Makes mashing easier.)

Place in pot of boiling water enough to cover potatoes and cook about 15 minutes until soft enough to mash.

Remove from stove and drain water.  Place potatoes in a large mixing bowl. Add enough Silk non-dairy creamer or plain soy to begin mashing. Start with less and add a bit at a time. Too much liquid will make the mash potatoes runny. Next add a few tablespoons of margarine, a dash of sea salt, sprinkle on pepper and Spike seasoning. With a whisk or fork begin stirring and mashing potatoes. Yes I do it by hand to give the potatoes a slight texture. You may use a hand mixer if you like them super smooth. Taste as you go along and add more non-dairy creamer if you need too and more seasonings. The Bragg amino acids are strictly optional for flavor. Sprinkle on to see if you like the flavor. You’ll know when you have made the perfect potatoes because they’ll taste fantastic! Set a side.

While potatoes are boiling on stove, prepare and steam the greens you have chosen. Add   my favorite alternative margarine Earth Balance to give them that smooth buttery flavor.

Prepare Hain gravy packet. I use less water and a bit of non dairy creamer to thicken.

Prepare faux steak according to directions.

Serve the above and you’ll have a great animal free, vegan dinner that you’ll come back to again and again.

I recommend you try the different dinner steaks and pieces that are out there to find the one you like.