Fleas & Ticks Are Out In FORCE! Tips For Protecting Your Family…


Linda Rubbing Bully's BellyWe here at the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation urge you to read this information in its entirety for the safety of your family this Spring and Summer. We are seeing a dramatic and rapid increase in the number of fleas & ticks this season and it has only just begun.  We are so grateful for your generous donations, as it has allowed us to take preventative measures to protect our LBWF dogs.

We’ve had a few rescue cases come in from outside areas and the dogs have been completely covered in ticks. They seem to spread rapidly and the dogs are covered in days! If you encounter a tick on yours or any dog, here’s some useful information that will help you understand what to do (and what NOT to do) to deal with it properly.


Tick Identification & Removal Guide:
Tick Infographic
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An Ounce of Prevention

In addition to regularly checking your pets for fleas & ticks, we ask that you protect them by purchasing tick preventive from your local veterinarian or trusted pet product supplier. If you know a four-legged fur friend that does not have protection, please be generous and offer to purchase an extra treatment to protect the pets of those in need. We recommend checking out your local Big Lots (a favorite of LBWF for discounted pet products), or Jeffer’s Pet for great prices on tick & flea medications, toys, and all things your pets need!

We are already seeing flea & tick infestations like no other year! It’s super important to take every measure to protect your pets from fleas & ticks. There are many great medications out there that can keep your pets, and ultimately the rest of your family, free of these pesky pests.

We recommend:
  • CERTIFECT – takes care of fleas at all life stages, ticks and other disease-transmitting parasites
  • K9 Advantix® II – takes care of ticks, fleas at all life stages, mosquitoes, biting flies and lice
  • Advantage® II – takes care of lice and fleas at all life stages, but does NOT protect against ticks or mosquitoes
  • FRONTLINE® Plus – takes care of ticks and fleas at all life stages
  • PREVENTIC® Tick Collar – takes care of ticks, but does not provide protection against fleas or other disease-transmitting parasites

Some products shouldn’t be used on puppies, dogs under certain weights, dogs using certain medications, etc., so be sure to read their product labels carefully and/or use the links above to learn more about each product and whether it is the best choice for you & your pet.

You can pick these up at your local vet or many online suppliers. And don’t forget your feline friends! Cats are just as susceptible to problems caused by fleas, ticks and other disease-transmitting parasites. So be sure to check out the flea & tick products available for cats, too!

Tips to protect your pets and help you prevent an infestation:
  • Use a preventative measure, such as the medications listed above
  • Vaccinate to prevent diseases, such as Lyme Disease
  • Contain your pets, such as keeping them in a fenced in yard so you can better control their environment
  • Groom your pets, especially those with longer, thicker fur that make it harder to find fleas & ticks
  • Check out Tick Encounter for loads of information on protecting your family from ticks!
More information about tick-borne diseases: