Halloween Safety Tips for your Four Legged Friends


Halloween is upon us and we here at the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation wish you a howlin’ good time! Please remember to be safe and keep your pets safe too! See below for some tips to follow this Halloween to keep both you and your four-legged loved ones happy and safe!

  • Never leave your 4-legged loved ones outside during Halloween. Unfortunately there are plenty of people out there who play pranks that could seriously harm your pet.
  • Remember to keep candy out of reach of your pets. Chocolate is extremely dangerous, as are many of the wrappers.
  • If your pet is typically skittish give them a nice quiet, safe place in the house so they don’t become frightened.
  • If your pet is social and you would like them to be part of the Halloween festivities, it’s best to keep them leashed in the event they become spooked and try to dart out the door.
  • Make sure your animals are properly tagged and micro-chipped in the event of escape.
  •  Don’t dress up pets unless they love it. If you do dress them up make sure the costume isn’t annoying or unsafe. Avoid restriction of movement, vision, hearing or the ability to breathe or vocalize. Costumes should not contain small dangling accessories that could be consumed or cause choking.
  •  Restrict your pet’s access to decorations. Jack o’ lanterns with candles are obvious fire hazards, but cats can also get tangled in streamers. Pets can also become ill from eating holiday decor.

7 thoughts on “Halloween Safety Tips for your Four Legged Friends

  1. Hi Linda, I’ve been with the humane society way back in the day.and I want to say to u, that being a animal lover I treasure your work yove done with these precious dogs who need home. I’m a cat lover myself, but I like all animals. Your very special women . luv ya .gary

  2. Jennifer Virgen says:

    Linda iam a big fan . I rescued 3dogs princess 4 years old now pit bull.mixed. Oreo he is 3 years old Chihuahua mixed and now. Now bear he is 8 months old Chihuahua. He needs to be fixed and all 3 Ned there shots. Iam low income. I need help .

  3. Joie says:

    You scared the bejesus out of me in THAT movie…and now you have stolen my heart with your foundation. I think your love of animals FAR outweighs any movie you could have ever done. I am sorry that people remember you mostly for playing that role – because the role that you have taken on on behalf of so many dogs is insanely wonderful! You are amazing and bless you for all you do! Keep fighting the good fight for those furbabies!!!

  4. Linda, Met your assiste years ago at Warner Brother’s Burbank , was a nice ga forgot her name!
    I know your close to me in Acton somewere and if there any help you need just let me know.
    Thank you for all you do for the Dogs in your care.
    Sandra Venables

  5. Please help Sasha/Maya the husky puppy.

    She needs your help to bring her home where she is loved

    Thank you,

    Kara Milton

  6. stacy says:

    I saw you I think on the Today Show or maybe Good Morning America…I was at work so I am not sure however I love animals and think that it is great that you are taking all of these dogs in and caring for them.

  7. Bobbie says:

    Dear Linda,
    So wish I was closer to volunteer or had a job to support your cause. I think this is awesome, saw you on today show and was impressed. I wish you the best and hope to contribute someday. No job and ran out of unemployment but still hopeful.



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