In Memoriam of James Blair

Florida July 2008 010
James Blair | June 7, 1918 - July 17, 2010

It is with a very heavy heart that we write this update. Earlier today, LBWF’s founder and pillar of strength, Linda Blair lost her very dear Father unexpectedly. James Blair was a well-respected military man who bravely served his country as a test pilot in World War II. Our aviation industry is what it is today because of the courage shown by men like James Blair and his compatriots. Linda has always been incredibly proud of her Father and his service with our country.

Linda credits her hard-working Father for much of her tenacity, spirit, and honest nature. He also had a great love for animals, and along with her mother Elinore, passed this great adoration on to Linda. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed by all.

From her mother’s compassion for all things living, treating each person and animal equally to her father’s service to his country, hard-working, business-minded nature, Linda says, “I am my parents daughter”.

You may make a donation in honor of Linda’s Father’s love for animals by clicking on the link below: