LBWF Limited Edition T-Shirt Fundraiser ends 10/31/17

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This campaign is in honor and memory of my founding member dogs Sunny Boy and Riley, and the thousands of others that have lost their battles with cancer. I’ve been working on cancer prevention, and for the last few years it’s proven successful! Along with experts, I created a wellness program, and the dogs on it are all still alive and thriving. It’s a miracle!

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This T-shirt campaign will help us continue the funding for cancer prevention and to get the word out far and wide, while demanding clean pet food, grain free, the supporting herbs, and CBD oil‘s for pets!

I no longer do chemotherapy or radiation which causes such sickness, and usually a faster end to their precious lives! I’ve been posting the information on my Facebook & website for the last year. I hope you’ve been following…

Many of us have lost a pet to cancer, and it’s broken our hearts! My life goal is to put an end to cancer in pets! It’s all in the food! Our animals were given cheaper foods through the years that allowed cancer to thrive. Now we are stopping it!

Please help me on this journey. Please support the work I do with animal rescue and cancer prevention by supporting this T-shirt campaign through October 31st! I’m counting on you to help me to help the animals in our world, to have a healthier, more loving and anti-cruelty life!

PLEASE CLICK HERE to Support us and Purchase Your Limited Edition T-Shirt.