Linda Blair on Dogfighting


8491455After I rescued two fabulous, loving, funny, and entertaining Pit Bulls, I asked myself why they had come into my life. With all the horrible press and prejudice against the breed, my new friends certainly didn’t fit that bill. I learned about their world, and I discovered that the real crimes had been committed against them. They were the victims.

These poor, innocent animals, have been used in a most heinous way. Dogfighting happens in all regions of this country and encompasses people from all backgrounds and socioeconomic classes. Where you find dogfighting, you will find other crimes such as illegal gambling, narcotics and illegal weapons. Children are often introduced to this horrible blood sport and become desensitized to the brutality as they watch animals forced to fight, rip each other apart and left for dead.

The Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation and I are committed to putting an end to this heinous blood sport.