LBWF is a unique safe haven for animals providing top-quality, life long care to the animals it rescues. The emphasis is on proper nutrition, first class medical care, comfortable facilities, training, socializing, and of course, an abundance of love. We ensure that every animal has a second chance at life, as well as a forever, loving home.

Using Ms. Blair’s status as a public figure, we bring much needed attention to growing problems concerning our animal companions. Calling upon the media as an outlet, we are able to educate and raise awareness on important issues such as pet overpopulation, dog fighting, and the senseless ideals behind breed specific banning.

LBWF is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. We are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused, neglected, and abandon animals from the harsh streets of the Los Angeles area, as well as from the overcrowded, overwhelmed city and county animal shelters.