Palmdale Emergency Rescue – We Need YOUR Help!

Over the weekend LBWF received a very distressed call from our local veterinarian office. A man had come into their clinic and explained that he was the owner of a recently abandoned property and had gone to the home to begin clean up. Check out our newsletter for the rest of the heartbreaking story and find out more about how you can help…

3 thoughts on “Palmdale Emergency Rescue – We Need YOUR Help!

  1. heather turner says:

    my family and i are very moved with what you are doing and would like to help and we can help please let us know something call us [removed] or you can eamail me at [removed]
    ask for Heather Turner or Dennis Young
    Thank You so much for your time
    please get back as soon as you can

  2. heather gamble says:

    Linda ,your work with animals is great and i wish there were more people like you who care as much. Thats why I’m asking for your help. I have a 6 year old red nose pit that I can not keep. She belonged to a friend of mine who is now going to serve a life sentence.She is not a fighter dog . She has done great with my two kids ages 10 and 4 and has a great personality. She has never had a liter and feels very abandoned her previous owner took her everywhere.I have no choice but to give her up. I live in a cute but small two bedroom house and pets are not allowed my homeowner has let her stay because he liked her too and felt bad but made it clear it was only for a short time. please help me! My email address is

  3. Kari Nicklaus says:

    I have been a fan of yours forever ! Thanks so much for you dedication to animals. Please dont let this story rest & please find out who left these poor innocent animals. I had never watched Shorty the boss before til last sat & you were on it !
    I love animals too…keep up the good work Linda
    Kari Nicklaus
    Rochester MN

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