These mushrooms when cooked the following way have a beautiful flavor. Sure to please any carnivore.


Portabella Mushrooms (1 or more per guest)

Bragg amino acids

Margarine (Natures Balance)

Vegetable; broccoli, kale, spinach or other

Large Organic potatoes

Tofutti Sour Cream alternative (note: there is a hydrogenated ingredient)


Colored organic lettuce


Walnuts or pine nuts

Bell peppers

Balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Wash and prepare your potatoes. Poke potatoes several times with fork for ventilation. If you are baking it, you will need to allow 45 minutes to an hour for baking time. If you are micro waving the potatoes they take approximately 8 –10 minutes.

In medium hot skillet add 2 tablespoons or more of margarine to coat bottom. Super canola oil can also be used. Place 1 or 2 of the mushrooms in skillet and douse with Bragg liquid amino’s. Cover and cook for a few minutes. Flip mushrooms and repeat the dousing with Bragg liquid amino’s and cover again. Always make sure the fire is not too hot and that there is always some form of liquid in skillet. The mushrooms will take a good 15 minutes to cook and you must keep flipping them every few minutes. I cook two at a time and place in an oven on low heat to keep warm while others mushrooms cook.

Prepare your vegetable and steam accordingly. I sometimes use Bragg liquid amino on the vegetable while steaming. Rinse and add margarine.

Prepare your salad along with whatever vegetables you have chosen to put on your salad. Remember the more colored vegetables you add the more nutrients you are getting.

Serve on a beautifully set table by candlelight and enjoy!