Soy or Garden Burgers, French Fries and Soy Dream Shake


Yes you can absolutely duplicate the favorite American meal with healthy alternatives.

Favorite soy or garden burger

Non dairy (vegan) bun or bread



Tomatoes or ketchup


Vegan cheese

Organic French fries (available in bags in the frozen section)

Soy Dream alternative to ice cream

Soy beverage

Cook your alternative burger however you please. Warm your buns, add your favorite accompaniments (lettuce, vegenaise, vegan cheese, mustard and so on) Prepare French fries as directed. If you wish to add that alternative soy shake than go right ahead. In a blender add Soy Dream (alternative to ice cream) and  enough vanilla or chocolate flavored soy beverage to create your favorite consistency. I like my shakes thick. You can also add strawberries for those strawberry lovers or any fruits that will give you your special flavored shake.

I know you’ll enjoy this favorite American meal.