The Importance of Dog Socialization

LB dog pool thumbnail

This video showcases one of the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation rescue dog play groups. There is nothing more important than keeping your dog social. We here at Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation work very hard to keep our dogs happy, on grain free food for their quality of health and life, and most importantly, involved in playgroups with friends. The group of dogs in this video clip is made up of a variety of Staffordshire terrier’s in different sizes, both male and females, playing together and having a blast. It is always important to supervise your playgroups, and we always have trained, knowledgeable people involved with any and all new introduction of dogs.

These are all adoptable dogs and available on our website under “Adopt”. Please follow us on Facebook/Linda Blair Worldheart foundation, Twitter@LindaBlairWF, and Instagram@LindaBlairWF. Please feel free to share, like our page and follow all the important work we do at the Foundation. Linda has been rescuing the Staffordshire terrier’s and other breeds for 20 years, is an expert with rescued dogs, k9 behaviors, animal welfare, and has been an environmentalist and a vegan since 2001. Going Vegan, her book and journey is becoming more popular in today’s current climate of the “health wake up call”. Enjoy the video and adopt don’t shop. Please spay and neuter your pets and help us to end the American pet overpopulation crisis.