Tips Finding Affordable Quality Dog Care

Pet care can be extremely expensive here’s some easy helpful hints that can give your fury loved ones what they deserve.

Use Your Mobile Device to Shop Smarter Not Harder

Use your smart phone!  Applications such as Pet Care Services for your Iphone can help you not just find what dog parks are near you but locate and compare local prices of dog groomers, walkers and animal hospitals.

Save Money on Pet Meds

Animal Hospitals are very important for your pets health and happiness but many veterinarians have a large mark up on medications. There are many ways to find alternate prices for your pets meds. Different websites such as can help you find a large array of competitive prices. You can also compare and purchase your pets medication through both of which conveniently have a phone application in your windows, android or apple phones application store.

Save on Dog Food

Amazons Subscribe and Save program will actually give you 15% off and free shipping. Also check out and find quality affordable dog foods and treats!

Need a Dog Sitter

Dog kennels can be exspensive next time you are away and need somewhere for your friend to stay consider Around 40% cheaper with over 10,000 vetted host across America local families apply and to pamper your friends from there homes.

Is Pet Insurance Right for Your Dog

Check out the many Pet Insurance plans available and find the right one for you and your pets! Insurance could save thousands of dollars when an unexpected emergency might happen! A good way to prevent possible health problems is dental care. By brushing your dogs teeth you could add up to 4 years to your dogs life and help prevent kidney diseases and heart failure.