Winter Storm Safety


As the East Coast braces for yet another storm, we want to share a few tips with all our followers about winter safety for your pets.

  • Be sure your pets have proper identification such as tags and microchipping should they become separated from you
  • Keep all pets indoors during cold temperatures
  • Be sure to wipe down your pets paws and fur after walking in sleet, snow, etc to ensure the removal of salt and other de-icers that could be toxic to your pet
  • Be sure to keep antifreeze away from your pets and clean up any spills. It is very toxic.
  • Familiarize yourself with your local emergency shelters should the need to evacuate ever arise, this will ensure you know the pet friendly places to go.
  • Prepare ahead of time as much as possible. Most storms come with ample warning, so when feasible head for safer grounds.

Here’s a great resource on caring and preparing for your pets during the time of crisis: